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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Food Network rant: Lagasse, Ray, Flay, and Dean

As I watch a "Ming's Quest" episode on Fine Living, I realize that I watch the Food Network shows less and less. It's all about the hosts-- I can't warm up to many hosts that Food Network pushes these days. They're not all bad-- Tyler Florence is solid, as is Alton Brown (though his appeal isn't universal: Deb says he's too geeky for her)-- and I enjoy Iron Chef America, but the network has some problems to address with their "big star" hosts.

Food Network turn-offs:

  • Emeril: I loved eating at Emeril's and NOLA when I lived in New Orleans, but I might have liked his restaurants less if he'd been on TV back then. Bam? What was it that Tony Bourdain said about him?
  • Rachel Ray: I see how she's completely professional and "great on TV," but her television skills don't make me enjoy her programs-- she comes across as a know-it-all. My big complaint is that she does not tip adequately. It's one thing to get people on tight budgets to go out for good food, but she shirks her responsibility to show people how to appreciate good service.
  • Bobby Flay: His Iron Chef America appearances speak for themselves-- when things get difficult, he's not nice. Again, good TV skills don't make for a good host.
  • Paula Dean: Just like a dessert with too much sugar for its own good, this lady is too sweet for me to handle on television. She's on, like, every show they have.


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