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Monday, January 02, 2006

Keeping it real (trefe) for Chanukah

As I lit the Chanukah candles last night, it occurred to me that I'd never made latkes. I checked in Measure for Pleasure and changed the recipe a bit-- I added a second egg (since it didn't hold together with one and the potatoes were big), and I grated a small red onion into it for savoriness.

I tried different oils for different batches-- olive oil, canola oil, and ghee-- the ghee worked the best since it could get really hot so the pancakes browned beautifully. I kept them under foil to eat later, planning on going out for applesauce, but made some instead while the pork roast cooked in the oven.

I stuck to the plan to make the pork loin (making it a trefe night in the kitchen) and marinated it in the fridge with a garlic/oregano/salt/pepper/citrus marinade from the Gourmet cookbook.


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